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Enjeksiyon Şişirme Makinası

Enjeksiyon Şişirme Makinası

Product Description


Injection stretch blow molding machine ISBM

High performance

High effective

High energy saving


Along with the increasing requirement to high quality and outlook appearance, the products manufactured by the old style extrusion blowing machine cannot fulfill the customer demand any further. The whole process including mould injection, stretch blowing and off-molding can be finished within one step if using the injection blowing molding machine for manufacturing. The products from this machine don't contain any flash, sprue, and much less disfigurement. It can present the perfect looking mouth, bottom and wedding line as well as the better transparence and higher rigidity. The injection blowing molding products are thinner than old style ones, which can save 50% material. Besides the merit mentioned above, the one step injection blowing moulding machine can perform the higher speed and more efficient energy saving. Typical Products for Injection Blow Molding JARS – These are made in PP, HDPE, PS, MIPS, SAN etc. Jars are made in a wide variety of materials. The process advantage is that no secondary trimming (scrap) is required when making the neck finish. Ovaloid neck (petroleum jelly) jars can be made by injection molding the neck finish. 


ONE PIECE ROLL-ON DEODORANTS in PP and HDPE. Close tolerance of the injection moulded ball seating allows an even application of the deodorant product. Snap-on ball housings are also used on SAN and PET bottles used for clarity. 


DROPPER BOTTLES – Usually produced in virgin PET. IBM machines are installed in clean manufacturing environments worldwide. The bottles can be stripped from the core rods whilst still very hot and transported to the clean room in sterile air for packing.


TABLET and PILL BOTTLES(Pharmacy Bottle) – These are made from PP, HDPE, LDPE and PS. These bottles can be designed with complicated injected neck finishes for Child Resistance or pilfer-proofing. Also the neck finish is excellent for barrier seals against moisture with a plug seal closure, and also very flat for tamper foil application.


Sport bottles(Space bottles) – These bottles are mainly made in PC. Up to 4 cavity molds from 15-20 second cycles. QUALITY PRODUCTS do not cause problems on decoration, filling or capping lines, and are less liable to bring customer complaint. 


LED Lampshade – PC/PET lamp cover for energy saving light injection blow molding machine advantages: 1.Electrical motor and pneumatic drive, avoid hydraulic dirty product. 2.Full automatic control, easy operation. 3.Material barrel and hot runner temperature control accurately. 4.Save more cost than traditional machine. 5.Compact structure. 6. Injection: Hot runner and temperature control device and standard configuration Only change mold to make a new product. Blow: Hydraulic mold clamping, core insert, blow and bottom molding are standard configuration. Product release: ejector is a standard device

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