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Büyük Çaplı Boru Kırma Makinaları


Büyük Çaplı Boru Kırma Makinaları

160mm- 1850mm Full Otomatik Büyük Çaplı Plastik Boru Kırma Makinası

The whole broken course can realize automation. At the same time of the brokenness, the operator can control remotely, it has no damage to operator.

This unit's feeding motor adopts frequency control, and the pipe of 0.5-8m can feed and break automatically.

The blades adopt high quality alloy steel, can bear greater impact, and the interval between rotary and fixed blade can adjust, and can grind several times after blunt.

There is a feeding inlet on the top of line crusher, and some fine side material can feed into crusher directly from the feeding inlet.

Tihs unit has high efficieny, low consumption, compact appearance; and broken material is smooth, no dust, and can be used directly without pelletizing again; storage silo is equipped magnetic device, to prevent metal thing falling into the broken material.

This unit has high automatic degree and low invest cost.